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Visitor input can be collected and emailed and / or sent to another page which may be a Thank You page or a customized page doing customized processing with the collected input. A common setup is to email the info and then display a Thank You page.

There are available few elements collecting input and one submitting the entered data. You're supposed to provide regular text elements describing the inputs.

  • Text inputs collect free text and can be single or multiple lines according to the height you set.
  • Checkboxes allow entering a yes or no option.
  • Radio boxes are multiple options of which the visitor can select only one.
  • Selects are drop-down lists allowing one option to be selected.

All collecting inputs have an attribute Reference that is not visible to the visitor and will identify in the email or the target page the entered data. If you don't provide a reference a unique identifier is created for you but it may be less obvious.

The Submit element holds information, not visible to the visitor, about the redirection of the collected data. You may create as many Submits as you want, however collected data is sent according to the one clicked by the visitor.