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The appearance of each page component is determined by attributes such as text color, border color, background color, etc...

Attributes can dynamically change on diverse visitor actions according to the design. For example passing the mouse over a button can trigger other elements to change their color, text, position, etc...

There are five levels of setting attributes:

  1. Inherited defaults (available for extended pages only)
  2. Page defaults
  3. Individual Basic Component
    • Individual Dependent Component
    • Subcomponent (available for text elements only)

Each level inherits from and overrides the previous one.

Default attributes are settable from a pop window which opens when clicking the Styles option on the toolbox. Updating the default attributes affects existing components as well as future elements. To note that default attributes may be inherited from a Base Page and setting defaults on the current page will override inherited defaults.

Individual attributes are settable from the context menu displayed when right-clicking on the element.
Subcomponent attributes are available for text components and allow text formatting to be applied to fragments of text. First the component must be switched to edit mode by right clicking on it and selecting Text Edit. This will also enable the text formatting options available on toolbox.