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Welcome to FoxSet Studio, the most powerful yet user-friendly web builder and content management system!

FoxSet Studio does not use templates although it does support them. So, you have complete flexibility to choose the elements you want on the page, without having preset templates dictating where that content will sit or what it will look like. Use any website as inspiration! Because FoxSet Studio does support templates, it means that any page you create can be saved and thus easily customized for other parts of your site or for other sites that you build.

With FoxSet Studio designers don't need to know any technicality and can fully focus on:

  • Web appearance
  • Web behaviour
  • Web content

Whether you're building your first website, or you're a project manager looking for an inexpensive and flexible tool to coordinate efforts between designers and developers, FoxSet Studio offers an extensible and affordable solution all based on point and click technology.

FoxSet Studio is a complete solution to design, develop and maintain interactive web applications. You don't need to buy and to learn five (5) products! No allusion to...

FoxSet Studio is true What You See Is What You Get and, more important, it is context driven meaning that available actions are displayed and / or enabled according to the current context. For example, if you right-click on an image you'll get the image context menu with specific actions for images, if you click on a text element you'll get the text context menu with specific options for text elements.

Please be advised that FoxSet Studio is roles-based meaning that users access functionalities and data according to their entitlements. Therefore, features presented in this User Guide may not be available to you. Also, Super Admin functionality is not covered.

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