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Links can be set on any text fragment. Links can open the destination page in the same window, in the parent window, in the top window or in a new window. By default the same window is the target window.

Internal links. In order to create a link to another page of your application:

1. Set the component in text edit mode by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit Text

2. Using the mouse, select the text fragment on which you want the link to execute.
3. Click the Insert Internal Link icon. This will display the list of your existing pages.
4. Select the desired destination page.
5. Click outside the text element to end the edit mode or save the page.

External links. In order to create a link to any page on the:

1, 2. Execute steps 1 and 2 as above.
3. Click the Insert External Link icon. This will prompt you for the destination URL.

4. Enter the destination URL

Target Window

If you want the destination page to be displayed in other window than the current one right-click on the link when the text element is not on edit mode (you may want to click outside the text element to make sure the edit mode is off) and select the target window.