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Image Map Areas used for site navigation and page behaviour can be created by right clicking on images and selecting the type of area:

Reverse ControlsSequences Numbers and Progression Bars can be attached to buttons with different actions on subsequent clicks or to pop menus of the 1st level (pop menus attached to buttons).

Bookmarks and Slideshow Controls can be attached to buttons with different actions on subsequent clicks.


Reverse Controls will allow execution of actions in reverse order.

Sequence Numbers are counters indicating the current sequence. The initial value is zero by default but it is settable in case the sequence of actions is subsequent to another page.

Progression Bars are visual indicators of the current sequence.

Slideshow Controls will allow starting and stopping the automatic execution of the actions defined on the master button after settable intervals.

Bookmarks will allow jumping to a specific sequence (imagine a book that you can browse page by page or you can jump to a specific chapter). In the image above, left side, you see how to attach a bookmark that will reset the sequence of actions, that's it, it will rewind all executed actions. Here's how to attach bookmarks to specific sequences:


Please note that you only have to set the actions on the master button and FoxSet Studio generates the behaviour of the dependent components. Isn't this nice? Here's a sample:

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