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Newly inserted components except pop menus and image map areas will be placed at the bottom-left corner of the page from where you can move them to the desired location.

Components can be positioned and dimensioned either by drag-and-drop either using the Coordinate options of the right-click menu:

Top Offset set the distance in pixels between the top of the page and the top of the component.

Left Offset set the distance in pixels between the left side of the component and the left side of the used area. The left side of the used area is different than the left side of the page if the page layout is center or right aligned.

Line Up will prompt for a grid value you want to line up the position and the dimensions of the component. The grid value means the distances between the lines of a virtual grid. For example if you enter 10, the coordinates of the component will be set to the closest value divisible by 10. If the component is an image or a container only the position is aligned in order to not create distortions.

Setting one dimension (Width or Height) of images will update the other dimension too unless the Images Distortion option of the page context menu is enabled:

There is possible to have a default line-up when positioning and / or dimensioning components by drag-and-drop settable from the page context menu:
A manual line-up for all elements on the page can be done from the page toolbox:
Position and dimensions info is displayed in the status bar when moving the mouse over an element, should your browser display the status bar:

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