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Real position and dimensions of components into the webpage can be different than the ones in the design page. You may want to allow variable coordinates in order to make better use of the visitor's browser and settings.

Vertical coordinates can be smaller than the set value if the vertical page alignment is set to Natural in the page context menu because each component will use only the necessary height which may be smaller than the one in design.
Horizontal coordinates can be bigger than the set value if the horizontal page alignment is set to Justify in the page context menu because the components will be horizontally extended in order to occupy all available space.
Variable dimensions do not apply for components with dimensions smaller than 20 pixels. Variable vertical spacing between components does not apply for distances smaller than 20 pixels.

Frames with Auto Sizing turned on will have bigger than set dimensions as follow:

  • If there are no components with the right side equal or bigger than the right side of the frame then the frame width will be extended to the right to use all the available width
  • The last vertically frame with auto sizing will be vertically extended to use all available height