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Understanding how the search engines such as Google and Yahoo list pages as well as understanding how your potential clients will search for you is critical if your site is intended to attract new business.

Besides the text existing on your pages (not text provided via images) and page titles, search engines are supposed to use keywords and a description that you attach to your pages and that are not directly visible to visitors.

You should ask yourself, "What words might prospective clients type into a search engine to find my services, products, or business?"

The page context menu allows setting keywords and page description:


Searchable Without Keywords is the default and let the search engines decide how the page will be indexed (most search engine trend to rely on page content and to ignore the keywords because of the abuses).

The Set Keywords option prompts you to enter your comma separated list of keywords.

The Block option will indicate the page is for internal use only and you don't want the page indexed for general search.

The Description option prompts you for a description of the page.

Websites hosted with are automatically submitted to the most popular search engines.