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Timed out behaviour consists of changes applied to the page without visitor's interaction. Such changes are executed either after the page is loaded either after the visitor initiated the actions, that is, the visitor starts the first sequence of actions and subsequent actions are executed without his/her interaction. In the second case the visitor may stop and restart the sequence.

This section describes how to loop actions and how to set time intervals for actions executed on page load and between sequences of actions (see Initiating Dynamic Page Changes for details about designing changes that are performed automatically at specific time intervals either when the page loads either when the visitor clicks a button).

Time Intervals

All time intervals are entered in tenths of second (enter "20" for two seconds; enter "35" for three seconds and a half).

Unless otherwise specified the default time interval is one second (value "10"). In case of subsequent actions, the default time interval is the one of the previous sequence. For example the interval of the first sequence is not set, by default it will be one second, the interval for the second sequence is set to three seconds, the intervals of the third and forth sequences are not set, by default they will be three seconds.

The actions associated to the page load will start either when the page loads (by default) either after a time interval that you specify:

The sequences of actions associated to a button can be set to automatically start on page load:
Such actions will start by default after one second since the page is loaded. You can set this interval:
One of the attributes of sequences of actions is a time intervals which indicates how much time the changes made will be displayed without the page being modified by the next sequence, if any. This time interval is considered since all the actions of the sequence are completed (Some changes are applied instantly, some require some time. For example an image can be swapped instantly or within a settable transition period). The default time interval is the one of the previous sequence. The default time interval is the one of the previous sequence, therefore if you want all your sequences to be separated by 10 seconds you only set this value for the first sequence.
Looping Sequences of Actions
Sequences of actions set on page load can be infinitely repeated. The loop may omit the first sequences that may be general welcome messages you don't want to have repeated.