There is nothing to install onto your computer. You're sure that no annoying advertising will be installed as usually it happens when you install "free" programs. And you'll be able to work from any PC connected to the Internet.

FoxSet Studio is based on a drag-and-drop interface so no programming knowledge is necessary. Actually there is no need for any technical knowledge at all. You can build, run and maintain your site only by point-and-click.

Your application can be migrated on any web server at anytime. FoxSet Studio exports generated pages in a way that any web server can render and any third-party product can be integrated.

FoxSet Studio provides simple and complex elements and advanced topics like password protected pages, inheritance and polymorphism all managed the same, with a single click. E.g. it takes only one click to insert a pop menu and only one to associate actions to it. It takes one click to mark a page as password protected and only one to change the appearance of no matter how many pages.

FoxSet is highly productive, you can create web pages with complex behaviours in minutes; you can build web sites in hours. All just a few clicks away! This immediate benefit expands into a long-term benefit: inexpensive maintenance.

You don't care about cross-browser compatibility, FoxSet Studio automatically produces identical look and behaviour on Microsoft 5.5 or higher, Netscape.6.2 or higher, Opera 7.23 or higher, Mozilla 1.4 or higher, FireFox 1.0 or higher, Galeon 1.4 or higher and Safari 125.8 or higher so you can guarantee how your user will see the site.

Your design tool is your browser and your application is instantly available on the Internet as it is built. You see exactly what you're designing and what your user will see.

Unlike any other competitor who invites you to evaluate their product, with FoxSet Studio you evaluate your project. You can see your very final product before making any commitment.

FoxSet Studio integrates all you need to build, run and manage the content and presentation of your application. Other vendors prefer to sell few products instead. We believe this is only to hide the real cost of a complete solution.